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Connecting: Key Networking Tips for Business and Life (2016)

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This book covers every conceivable aspect of business and personal networking, and considers networking as a way of life. The author has extensive training in both psychology and business development, and brings to bear both areas of expertise as the foremost expert in the psychology of networking. There are over 100 immediately useful networking tips, as well as numerous networking exercises that can be used by readers and leaders of networking groups to increase personal awareness and build relationships. The book addresses business development through strategic networking with pithy tips to aid in the building and nurturing of long-term relationships for gaining both inbound and outbound referrals, warm introductions and having a viable network. It is a veritable tool kit of numerous tips, guides, strategies and tactics that have been used by thousands of people in a wide variety of settings.

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Networking is presented as a process where giving and getting involved are the primary focus. Readers are continually taught and urged to find ways to be valuable to others, maintain a high level of ethical behavior, to show up, and to show up consistently. Dr. Saleebey’s holistic approach to the networking process has been utilized by many networking groups, professional firms, organizations and alumni groups. There are accompanying real life stories which serve to amplify the points made by the author.

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Some of the key topics are: the relative value of personal and business conversations, the utility of a wider or deeper networking, and the choices between in person and virtual networking. The state-of-the-art information considers both traditional approaches and current trends in networking practices.

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Connecting: Key Networking Tips for Business and Life is a must read for everyone who has been told that they should be networking. The book is easy to read and immediately useful. It cuts through the morass of information on networking to the most important aspects of the process.


CONNECTING: Beyond The Name Tag (2012)

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A book designed to assist business professionals and others in expanding their professional and personal networks to develop referrals, resources, ideas and contacts. Readers will increase their sphere of influence, enhancing personal development and career advancement. They will learn how to become a power networker while building mutually beneficial relationships. How and why do people connect? That is the focus of this in-depth look into the world of business networking. Tapping extensive personal experience in psychology and business development, observations and numerous examples, Dr. Saleebey reveals the keys to becoming a successful networker by sharing his holistic approach to making connections with others. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just beginning, you will learn to move beyond the name tag and leverage your connections to engage in networking as a “way of life.”