Book Signing Networking Mixer on March 25 at Stone Rose Lounge

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On Thursday, March 25, Believe Publishing will be sponsoring a special book signing and networking mixer at Stone Rose Lounge in the Sofitel Hotel, at 8555 Beverly Blvd., right across from the Beverly Center.  The concept behind this event is really a combination book signing for my new book Connecting: Beyond the Name Tag and networking mixer to assemble a diverse group of people.  It is especially relevant because the topic of the book is NETWORKING.  Believe Publishing wants to showcase the book while giving people the opportunity to socialize and network.  There will be complimentary appetizers and a cash bar.  The Stone Rose is a very comfortable indoor/outdoor venue with a fire pit and lots of room to mix and mingle.  I will be selling and signing Connecting: Beyond the Name Tag in an adjacent room.  For those who already have the book, the event is a time of celebration for the arrival of the spring season.  It is my hope that people will have a pleasant and memorable experience and make both personal and business connections.  The event is open to everyone, and there is parking at Beverly Center, on the street, or valet at the hotel.  Please share this information and join in the fun.  I hope to see you there.

Book Signing and Networking Mixer on 3/25

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Believe Publishing invites you to a networking mixer and book signing by Dr. Bill Saleebey, to celebrate the release of Connecting: Beyond the Name Tag. This event will be held on Thursday, March 25 at the Stone Rose Lounge at the Sofitel Hotel at the corner of Beverly and La Cienega, right across the street from the Beverly Center. The event begins at 6 p.m. and goes into the evening. Complimentary appetizers will be served and there will be a cash bar. It is a great venue and a wonderful place to welcome Spring. Everyone is welcome, and it will be a great opportunity to network and meet a wide variety of people.


WHAT: Book Signing and Networking Mixer
WHEN: Thursday, March 25, 2010 @ 6pm
WHERE: Stone Rose Lounge, 8555 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles 90048
WHO: All are welcome.


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DIRECTIONS: (From the 10 Freeway)Take the 10 Santa Monica Freeway to La Cienega exit. Go north about for 3 miles until you hit Beverly Blvd. It is inside the Sofitel Hotel which is on the left (northwest) side of the street. There is parking at Beverly Center, Valet, or on the street.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the book you can do here

Book Signing and Networking Mixer
You were invited by Bill Saleebey
Hosted by Dr. Bill Saleebey and Believe Publishing
Thursday, Mar 25, 2010 (6:00 PM) at Stone Rose Lounge at the Sofitel Hotel
8555 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA Google Yahoo Mapquest
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Posted by Bill Saleebey

Book Signing or Networking Event?

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On Thursday, March 25 at 6 p.m. Believe Publishing will host a book signing for my new book Connecting: Beyond the Name Tag. The event will be held at the Stone Rose Lounge at the Sofitel Hotel in mid-town LA, at the corner of Beverly Bl. and La Cienega. It is also a networking mixer. How can this be? Well, we have decided that since my book is about networking, our book signings should give guests the opportunity to network both personally and for business. It is a free event, open to everyone to encourage attendance and participation. There will be light appetizers and a cash bar. The Stone Rose is a wonderful indoor/outdoor venue located in the epicenter of Los Angeles. Attendees can purchase books (if they don’t already have one) and I will be signing them. Because it is free and open to everyone, the crowd is guaranteed to be diverse in terms of age, profession, and background. Feel free to share this information with any of your friends and associates, whether you are coming or not. Networking is especially important in these challenging economic times. You can never know too many people. Come and join the fun. RSVP to

Social Media or Face-to-Face Networking?

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Social media is ubiquitous. We are being implored, seduced, and threatened that we must use it or perish. I was initially a reluctant participant, entering each new platform and site with trepidation and doubt. I considered myself an “old school” networker who met others face-to-face rather than virtually. However, a few years later and I am a strong advocate of using social media to expand your network…and your message. It started with LinkIn, was followed by my blog, Facebook, and then Twitter. I have become quite active in all of those platforms, but never stopped meeting others face-to-face in networking groups, for coffee, and meals. It is really the confluence of social media and face-to-face networking that makes an effective marketing strategy. Social media allows you to take your campaign global without leaving your office (or computer), while the face-to-face interactions give others a sense of you as a real flesh and blood human being. Just as a good football team has to have a varied attack (rushing and passing), an effective networker must also vary the attack. Continue to show up to mixers and gatherings, all the while remaining active and visible in social media of your choice. You don’t have to tweet, but you do have to meet. Remain open minded, because one thing we can be sure of, and that is change. Stay aware and stay connected, not only for the business benefits, but also for the intrinsic joy of being connected in a meaningful way with others.

How Old are You?

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When I tell people I am 62 years old, many of them seem surprised. I don’t FEEL 62, whatever that means. My Dad seemed old at 62, but maybe that’s because he WAS old. Is age a chronological count of your actual years, or how old you feel or look to others? Now when people tell me I look like I’m in my forties, I’m not sure whether they mean it or are trying to flatter me. Back to my Dad. When he was 62, he was retired, playing golf several times a week, and living in a mobile home in the low-key Los Angeles suburb of LaVerne, California. I am 62, at the peak of my career, starting new business ventures, writing books, not currently playing golf (though I intend to resume playing in a couple of weeks), and live in a home in South Hollywood. I walk daily and socialize with people of all ages. I don’t limit my social contacts to people my own age or older, though many of my acquaintances are in that demographic. In my view, age has a lot to do with attitude and openness to new ideas or inevitable electronic advances and changes. Age is partially how you look, and partially how you feel. When I reunite with people I knew in my youth, I am struck by how differently we view age and how we connect with the younger generation. How old are you? Stay young, stay alive.